I got myself trapped in my head for so long I feel depressed… I guess. I have reached to a point where I want to runaway. Can’t wait til I am 18 to do that at least that’s what I want cause me moving out… yah my parents will take it hard so I might need to make like 3 thousands speeches and diagrams explaining everything.

I have difficult parents, more like really really really over protective. I am not even allowed to go to a friends birthday party almost lost a friend cause of that(even though I hardly have friends (don’t judge me)). My friends don’t understand that my parents aren’t like theirs. And my parents don’t relies that it is safe at someone I’ve known for about seven years.
But I am not one who cares about party’s and stuff like that the thing I am mad at is that I wish I was normal had a normal family and had normal wish or achievable goals… but I will the whole me and music thing will go on, just need to be patient and take things step by step.


Give up?

I ask that question to myself all the “should I give up?” About what you might ask for me it is singing a singing career. What about you why do you ask yourself if you should give I mean you spent all that time trying to reach your what you want. Don’t give up everytime that question pops up in your mind just remind yourself why you started.

Don’t give up if it’s your passion then it’s meant for you. I probably live for singing after singing even just in glee club in my school I feel so happy even though it’s not on stage or with backup dancers and stuff. Could you imagine if I get so happy about the small things how will I feel about the big things.

Don’t give up? Forget the people who don’t support if the person is family well you need to accept that fact they will get mad but just they wait til you make it to the top and they will ask you how did you do it. My family don’t want me to sing, sorry to say this but I don’t care it’s my passion and no one is allowed to tell me what to do if it is a huge part of my life. “Career” such a small word but defines your whole life it’s what makes it what it’s is or what it will be. Imagine if what your living now is the exact life you will have in ten years are you still happy cause I will give anything ANYTHING to Change it to change it for the better.

I feel like giving up. I have thousands of annoying voices in my mind that tell me I won’t do it I won’t make I am just a mess up that will never succeed, but one voice one voice that speaks in a whisper that tells me to keep going not to give up if anyone has a shoot on making why don’t I why not me if every one else can why can’t I.


So many people judge about so many things but I want to talk about music in this post… I love music I say that probably in every post I ever made its true though…

I listen to different music then the people in my school everyone like all those pop music and all that and I am just here in a corner listening to rock, contry music and those stuff the less in courage music I guess. People litterly come up to me and tell me how they except me to be listening to ABC songs and baby songs but they say it in a mean and more judging way.

I feel really different from the people in music to the point where I am insecure. I mean I am different from the way I talk, walk, dress, the music I listen to, the fact I have no interest in make up, I don’t care about boys (even though the age I am in is like “boys,boys,boys…”), to the movies I see, and the books I read. And I bet there are more stuff I can still think of more but we will be here till the next Christmas arrives.

They might laugh at us cause were different but being all the same is way funnier.


I have been bullied I’d be telling a lie if I said it stopped cause mine keeps going less then before but still effects me but let me start now with what I have to say about bullying.

Bullying is stupid and never should be done I have never had a specific bully random people approach me and well they say things and I just stand there not knowing what to do people say how stupid how boring and lifeless I am. I mean I am 12 but I don’t care about the same things everyone else cares about I like books they like movies the majority of my class get straight A’s and I am more of a D, C type of girl (don’t judge me i bet you got that mark at least once in your life). People make fun of the fact I write songs/poems that aren’t published but one day they will, at least I hope they will.

Being bullied is awful. Normally I like to give advise after talking about something that means a lot to me but I don’t have any advise to give but if you have leave a comment and help me and whoever else that might read this.

Mean class

So today was ummm…. strange, awful and the only thing that made it able to  live through was music. If you recall my first post said I love singing (more like live cause of music).
So a couple of people from my school got me all insecure about how I act since I am 12 though I am wiser then the rest of my class yet I act like I am 3 with a mind of a 40 year old brain in a 12 year old body. So all my class decided to ignore the teacher to get him pissed off because of us all my class said yes and I think they just assumed I would agree. Then the lesson started everyone did what they said they except  me and the girl next to me she is really smart and enjoyed English so we were against it, but then the teacher got so mad and gave the whole class detention and just so you know the last time my class did that our teacher cried she litterly cried no one felt bad but I felt so bad keep in mind I never did anything  but I never stopped it either my biggest mistake. That day people told “I was boring” “lame” (just cause I didn’t help them ruin a teachers day(do you hear the stupidity of that))
So if you ever feel alone trying to do the right thing go for it be the one who knocks sense in all of those idiots brains.
                    Koala lover…

Types of people you see at the movies

  • The too much emotion: will make so much noise that makes the whole place know how this one person feels way too annoying
  • The loud one: the one who has a conversation with apparently the whole place or just the person next to him and thinks everyone else wants to know what is going on his life like dude no one cares.
  • The question: now you could be going to the movies with this person or this is some random person you don’t know. He/she ask the person next to them so many questions about the movie that is going on right I front of their face can’t the just watch I went to the movies with this one person every second these words comes out of their mouth. what, why, how, who. Just annoying.
  • The one who has to be sitting right next to your seat when there is a huge half empty hall like there could be nothing wrong with this person but you still get annoyed. Ugghhh I am getting agitated just thinking about this. I swear it’s so annoying i feel so asthmatic when that happens even if I don’t have asthma I still feel that way.


Hi this is my first ever post and it’s an introduction. First things first let me tell you things I love to do:

  • Singing
  • Drawing
  • Reading
  • Writing 

I hope you will enjoy my posts. I don’t do that great in school I am only in 8th grade but i don’t know why i think so much about the future I am sure some of you guys can relate. I want my posts to inspire, motive, help, and maybe give you a smile ohhhhh and I want it to be deep like stuff you can relate to. I want this to kinda be like a YouTube channel you know like Q&A’s and such. This post is short I know sorry about that but it’s my first ever post and next time will probably be longer.