I have been bullied I’d be telling a lie if I said it stopped cause mine keeps going less then before but still effects me but let me start now with what I have to say about bullying.

Bullying is stupid and never should be done I have never had a specific bully random people approach me and well they say things and I just stand there not knowing what to do people say how stupid how boring and lifeless I am. I mean I am 12 but I don’t care about the same things everyone else cares about I like books they like movies the majority of my class get straight A’s and I am more of a D, C type of girl (don’t judge me i bet you got that mark at least once in your life). People make fun of the fact I write songs/poems that aren’t published but one day they will, at least I hope they will.

Being bullied is awful. Normally I like to give advise after talking about something that means a lot to me but I don’t have any advise to give but if you have leave a comment and help me and whoever else that might read this.