Mean class

So today was ummm…. strange, awful and the only thing that made it able to  live through was music. If you recall my first post said I love singing (more like live cause of music).
So a couple of people from my school got me all insecure about how I act since I am 12 though I am wiser then the rest of my class yet I act like I am 3 with a mind of a 40 year old brain in a 12 year old body. So all my class decided to ignore the teacher to get him pissed off because of us all my class said yes and I think they just assumed I would agree. Then the lesson started everyone did what they said they except  me and the girl next to me she is really smart and enjoyed English so we were against it, but then the teacher got so mad and gave the whole class detention and just so you know the last time my class did that our teacher cried she litterly cried no one felt bad but I felt so bad keep in mind I never did anything  but I never stopped it either my biggest mistake. That day people told “I was boring” “lame” (just cause I didn’t help them ruin a teachers day(do you hear the stupidity of that))
So if you ever feel alone trying to do the right thing go for it be the one who knocks sense in all of those idiots brains.
                    Koala lover…