So many people judge about so many things but I want to talk about music in this post… I love music I say that probably in every post I ever made its true though…

I listen to different music then the people in my school everyone like all those pop music and all that and I am just here in a corner listening to rock, contry music and those stuff the less in courage music I guess. People litterly come up to me and tell me how they except me to be listening to ABC songs and baby songs but they say it in a mean and more judging way.

I feel really different from the people in music to the point where I am insecure. I mean I am different from the way I talk, walk, dress, the music I listen to, the fact I have no interest in make up, I don’t care about boys (even though the age I am in is like “boys,boys,boys…”), to the movies I see, and the books I read. And I bet there are more stuff I can still think of more but we will be here till the next Christmas arrives.

They might laugh at us cause were different but being all the same is way funnier.