Give up?

I ask that question to myself all the “should I give up?” About what you might ask for me it is singing a singing career. What about you why do you ask yourself if you should give I mean you spent all that time trying to reach your what you want. Don’t give up everytime that question pops up in your mind just remind yourself why you started.

Don’t give up if it’s your passion then it’s meant for you. I probably live for singing after singing even just in glee club in my school I feel so happy even though it’s not on stage or with backup dancers and stuff. Could you imagine if I get so happy about the small things how will I feel about the big things.

Don’t give up? Forget the people who don’t support if the person is family well you need to accept that fact they will get mad but just they wait til you make it to the top and they will ask you how did you do it. My family don’t want me to sing, sorry to say this but I don’t care it’s my passion and no one is allowed to tell me what to do if it is a huge part of my life. “Career” such a small word but defines your whole life it’s what makes it what it’s is or what it will be. Imagine if what your living now is the exact life you will have in ten years are you still happy cause I will give anything ANYTHING to Change it to change it for the better.

I feel like giving up. I have thousands of annoying voices in my mind that tell me I won’t do it I won’t make I am just a mess up that will never succeed, but one voice one voice that speaks in a whisper that tells me to keep going not to give up if anyone has a shoot on making why don’t I why not me if every one else can why can’t I.