I got myself trapped in my head for so long I feel depressed… I guess. I have reached to a point where I want to runaway. Can’t wait til I am 18 to do that at least that’s what I want cause me moving out… yah my parents will take it hard so I might need to make like 3 thousands speeches and diagrams explaining everything.

I have difficult parents, more like really really really over protective. I am not even allowed to go to a friends birthday party almost lost a friend cause of that(even though I hardly have friends (don’t judge me)). My friends don’t understand that my parents aren’t like theirs. And my parents don’t relies that it is safe at someone I’ve known for about seven years.
But I am not one who cares about party’s and stuff like that the thing I am mad at is that I wish I was normal had a normal family and had normal wish or achievable goals… but I will the whole me and music thing will go on, just need to be patient and take things step by step.