music might not be a passion for everyone but everyone I know listens to music and its my passion I really wish in the future that I would have a music career and I will do as much I can to reach there although my parents don’t support I will still try and its my life not their so its my life its my choose and I am the only one who can choose what to do and I feel like I can’t do what I want with out hurting someone and I think people should focus on their individual self and as they go on with that they should help others cause so many people have to go throw something really hard…
I just wish people can just grow up without having to recover from their childhood…


new year goals

I have not been post resently I have just been busy with school stuff, but anyways let’s start.
            NEW YEAR GOALS
1. sing on stage
2. get a pet
3. work hard in math/ 2nd language
4. post more blogs
5. stop posting depressing ones
6. try to get rid of your on and off depression and anxiety
7. start a YouTube channel
8. never do that thing that makes you sad but can’t talk about it in public
9. sing more in public
10. learn the guitar
11.learn the harmonica
12. get a new instrument
13. do the read 50 books in one year challenge
14. practice everyday by singing at least one song everyday
15. go to my best friend’s birthday this year
16. do more musical stuff

thanks for reading…