everyone thinks the talent is something your born with but it is something you learn and development as time passes. especially with singing everyone thinks your born with a good or bad voice and you can’t change that but that is completely wrong you are born with a pitch if you have a higher pitch when you singing then that’s something for born with but to get a good singing voice you need to practice everyday and to developed. and art you can but born and know immediately what and how to draw a mandala or even fashion your not born and you suddenly know that this necklace fits this fashion is more like testing and seeing if you like it I don’t know much about fashion I am littlery fine with going to the red carpet in jeans and a tank top with purple convers


how to gain confidence

now this is something that I have non of but I am working on it and these tips help…OK so let’s start:
1. think of confidence as a muscle you need to work out a lot to keep a muscle in shape well same goes for confidence
2. do something out of your comfort zone everyday
3. start saying hi to your crush
4. answer more questions in the class
5. do more public speaking
6. volunteer to read in class

been a while

its been a while since I posted but its because I have been doing lots of activities just to stay away from home. and also they are fun cause they have to do with music and stuff but it really is fun I have meant some weird but awsome people. but there still are some people who hate me and things with my parents and how they don’t support things that I love is just getting worse and worse and school is getting tougher. but I will try my best to continue writing posts