Types of people you see at the movies

  • The too much emotion: will make so much noise that makes the whole place know how this one person feels way too annoying
  • The loud one: the one who has a conversation with apparently the whole place or just the person next to him and thinks everyone else wants to know what is going on his life like dude no one cares.
  • The question: now you could be going to the movies with this person or this is some random person you don’t know. He/she ask the person next to them so many questions about the movie that is going on right I front of their face can’t the just watch I went to the movies with this one person every second these words comes out of their mouth. what, why, how, who. Just annoying.
  • The one who has to be sitting right next to your seat when there is a huge half empty hall like there could be nothing wrong with this person but you still get annoyed. Ugghhh I am getting agitated just thinking about this. I swear it’s so annoying i feel so asthmatic when that happens even if I don’t have asthma I still feel that way.


Hi this is my first ever post and it’s an introduction. First things first let me tell you things I love to do:

  • Singing
  • Drawing
  • Reading
  • Writing 

I hope you will enjoy my posts. I don’t do that great in school I am only in 8th grade but i don’t know why i think so much about the future I am sure some of you guys can relate. I want my posts to inspire, motive, help, and maybe give you a smile ohhhhh and I want it to be deep like stuff you can relate to. I want this to kinda be like a YouTube channel you know like Q&A’s and such. This post is short I know sorry about that but it’s my first ever post and next time will probably be longer.